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An experienced NJ DWI attorney can successfully defend one's DWI and Refusal charges. Because of New Jersey's strict mandatory DWI penalties, it is crucial for a person charged with a NJ DWI or Refusal to consult an experienced DWI attorney immediately after they are handed their tickets from the local or state police.

New Jersey has some of the country's strictest drunk driving laws. In New Jersey, the per se threshold for Driving While Intoxicated is 0.08% blood alcohol concentration, or BAC. For those under 21 years of age, the BAC threshold drops to 0.01%. Those convicted of DWI in New Jersey are required to pay fines, years of NJMVC surcharges, suffer a full-time loss of their driving privileges, install an interlock ignition device, serve community service, suspended vehicle registrations, attend the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center, and a jail sentence. Nearly the same penalties apply if a person is charged with Refusal to submit to an Alcotest or Breathalyzer test.

Some of the many defenses for a New Jersey DWI or Refusal charge are challenging the legitimacy of the police stop of a vehicle, cross-examine the Standard Field Sobriety Tests officer, determining whether or not a DWI roadblock is reasonable, discrediting the observation and administration of the breath, blood or urine tests, and/or questioning the reliability of the equipment used to administer such chemical tests.

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